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Written by Vladimir

Educational guidance


Role of the experts with advantages not only in professional development, aimed at innovative approach to problem solving, but ability to influence their olleagues and interest them in the ideas of change, becomes more important in conditions of modernization of manufacture. Specific layer of workers, called leaders, ossess such abilities. During last decades their importance in development of socially-economic processes has been intensively studied. A particular force of energetic origins was discovered. This force allows them to affect others even from a distance by strengthening or weakening virtual cooperation. Therefore, researchers everywhere discover specific characteristics of this type, but do not pay sufficient attention to official recognition of a leader, his motivation, stimulation throughout the whole working process, meaning the systematic organization of movement of the expert, who possesses genetic advantages among other employees.
The identified weaknesses are eliminated by the described and acknowledged system of comparison of manufacturing achievements and identification of the most successful among participants of the manufacturing process. On a global scale this system was implemented in a particular scientific environment of socialistic competition. Political shade of the mentioned system formed a neutral attitude to it among modern managers. The system of organized competition, which produces more and more leaders and promotes activity of existing ones, is rather labor intensive but effective in final results of labor return of the wide employed masses. Since no other country had such system in use, we attribute it to distinctively Russian method of recognition and guidance of leaders, which ensures technological, manufacturing and social progress for decades in a country with great military-engineering power and low consumption.

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